úterý 4. září 2012

Zdroje informací pro Windows Server 2012


Product and Evaluation Guide
This Product and Evaluation Guide offers step-by-step introductions to many features and capabilities of Windows Server 2012.
Videos: Windows Server 2012 Jump Start: Preparing for the Datacenter Evolution
Windows Server 2012 is one of the most significant releases of Windows Server to date, and there are a vast number of new features in this release that will enable you to Cloud-Optimize your IT. These accelerated, engaging and demo-heavy HD video sessions are guaranteed to get you excited and ready to try them yourself.
Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs
It's simple. No complex setup or installation is required to try Windows Server 2012 running in a full-featured virtual lab. You can test drive new and improved features and functionality, including server management and Windows PowerShell, networking, Hyper-V, and new storage solutions.
TechEd Video: Modernizing Your Datacenter
Find out how Windows Server 2012 allows you to respond to business needs faster and more efficiently.
TechEd Video: Inside Windows Server 2012 Multi-Server Management Capabilities
This session overviews Server Manager and Windows PowerShell 3.0 in detail and prepares you for enhancing your management capability.
TechEd Video: Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess: How to Quickly and Easily Deploy Your Next Generation Remote Access Experience
This session overviews the new integrated remote access solution that is easier to deploy, enabling employees access to corporate network resources while they work remotely, and IT administrators to manage corporate computers that are located outside the internal network.
TechEd Video: Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming and Multichannel Solutions
Windows Server 2012 includes two great new features to increase both performance and reliability: NIC teaming and SMB multichannel.This session delves deep into both of these great new features, and how to use them in your organization.
TechEd Video: Continuously Available File Server: Under the Hood
For the first time Microsoft will have a zero downtime file server solution for both planned and unplanned downtime. This session provides a technical drilldown into the new Scale Out File Server for file-based storage with Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL Server.
TechEd Video: What's New with Internet Information Services (IIS) 8: Open Web Platform for Cloud
This session focuses on how IIS is evolving as a hosting platform in the areas of sand-boxing resources, scalability, and manageability. It's packed with live demos of these investments to highlight how they can be used in real deployment.
TechEd Video: Deploying Windows Server 2012: From Bare Metal, Server Core, Minimal Server Interface, and More
What’s the best way to deploy Windows Server 2012? This TechEd North America 2012 session overviews new deployment options for Windows Server 2012 from bare metal deployments to choosing full GUI, Server Core or Minimal Server Interface installations. It covers server feature deployment on multiple servers, and more, with practical ways to design your deployment.
Library: Windows Server Installation Options
Choose between multiple installation options available for Windows Server 2012. This also includes the features that are installed with each option, the management options available after installation, and how to switch between the installation options during use.
Library: Release Notes: Important Issues in Windows Server 2012
Sometimes, even final released software faces challenges with unusual hardware, particular configurations, or unusual situations. Read here about known issues.
TechEd Video: Windows Server 2012 File and Storage Services Management
This session delves into new ways to manage your storage environment, as well as managing the de-duplication policies to save storage capacity, remote/network access to Windows storage including SMB and NFS file shares for Information Workers and Applications as well as iSCSI block storage for diskless boot and application data, and ways to investigate and troubleshoot common end-user issues.
Library: Dynamic Access Control Scenario Overview
In Windows Server 2012, you can apply data governance across your file servers to control who can access information and to audit who has accessed information.
Library: Networking Overview
This collection contains detailed information about networking products and features for the IT professional to design, deploy, and maintain Windows Server® 2012.
Library: Common Management Tasks and Navigation in Windows Server 2012
This topic will help you find and open common management tools, create shortcuts to frequently-used programs, run programs with elevated privileges, and perform common tasks like signing in and out, restarting, and shutting down computers running Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Release Preview.
Library: Migrate Roles and Features to Windows Server 2012
By using migration guides linked to on this page to migrate roles, role services, and features, you can simplify deployment of new servers, reduce migration downtime, increase accuracy of the migration process, and help eliminate conflicts that could otherwise occur during the migration process.
Windows Server 2012 PowerShell Deployment Guide
Windows PowerShell 3.0 includes significant investments that make Windows PowerShell a comprehensive management platform for all aspects of the data center, including servers, network, and storage.

Windows Server 2012 uvolněn

Dnes je pro většinu administrátorů velice významný den, protože Microsoft veřejně uvolnil finální verzi produktu Windows Server 2012. Sice je už pár týdnů je stažení na VLSC, ale nyní je mj. i na MSDN či Technetu. Zájemci o zkušební verzi mohou stahovat zde:


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